Welcome To Burning Mic Welcome To Burning Mic

Hamburg’s First and only English Comedy Show with Weekly Open Mics and Monthly Specials

Every Tuesday at 8 pm: Open Mic with 8 Comedians – Indra Music Club

Every Saturday at 7:30 pm: Open Mic with 5 Comedians and 1 Headliner – Sky Bar at a&o Hostel 

Monthly Spotlight Shows with 4 Headliners – Indra Music Club

Specials in June

Comedy Spotlight: Monthly Special with 4 Acts – June 13

Karl Floit (USA) – Philipp Leinenbach (Germany) – Dawood Shamon (Iraq)

  Headliner of the Night: Kat Nip (Poland)

Skyline Laughs Headliners in June:

01.06 Mai My

08.06 Matthias Ludwig

15.06 Shahin Asmari

22.06 Abigale Li

29.06 Yohan Kwon

About Us About Us

Hamburg as the second biggest city in Germany had a lot to offer when it came to comedy in German, but there seemed to be a lack of comedy in English on a regular basis, despite the huge international community it has. So, we thought the expats deserve to have a regular show in English where they could get together and laugh against the seasonal depressive weather or everyday issues which might be hard to take, but they are funny at the end of the day. And so our show was born in May 2022 which has been a real fun ever since.

Jasmin Kettana

Host / Comedian

Jasmin is a Hamburg Native. She is known for her witty and dark jokes. She has performed all around Germany and opened for many big international comedians. Some might say she says what everyone thinks, but is too afraid to say out loud. She is inspired by comedians like Sara Silverman and Bill Burr.

Shahin Asmari

Host / Comedian

Born and raised in Iran, Shahin moved to Germany to continue his studies at the university, but things changed quite fast. His jokes mostly focus on cultural misunderstandings and expat life, mostly under the influence of comedians like Russell Peters, Max Amini and Louis CK. He has been performing all around Germany and in some European cities, aiming to perform over the Atlantic some time soon.

How It Works How It Works

Our weekly The Burning Mic is an open mic which means we have a wide range of comedians from amateurs who try comedy for the first time to professional ones who have been on stage for more than a few years. We usually showcase between 8 to 10 comedians on our stage, each performing about 8 minutes. However, since that’s an open mic, they decide to play what they want, be it a joke they have never said on stage or some old gigs to brush them up for their upcoming solo program.
What remains unchanged is the amount of fun we have as well as fantastic international audience.

Our Comedy Showcase will be a mixture of open mic and professional gig. There will be six comedians on the stage as five will do an open mic set, while one comedian will be the headliner and deliver the best of their material for you.

Our Comedy Spotlight is the absolute best of comedy with only four comedians, most of whom are headlining comedians around Germany, if not Europe or the world. Each will play a longer set than regular sets, and our headliner of the night will do half an hour of their funniest bits.


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